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Yens & Yens is a multidisciplinary collective of designers, technicians, and artists specialized in the realization of large scale electronic light/sound/mechanical sculptures. We provide complete start to finish solutions from creative concept development and research to electronic and technical design, production and installation.


Since being founded in 1985 by Chris Heijens and Andries Oyens in Amsterdam, Yens & Yens has been active in a variety of artistic fields on own initiative and in assignment for other artists and organizations. With projects ranging from audio/visual performances, electronic music instrument design, advanced robotics, A.I., to indoor and outdoor light/sound sculptures integrated into natural and architectural environments. Our desire is to push the boundaries of what was thought possible, using cutting edge technology and techniques, to create a more interesting sensory experience for all.


Besides research Yens & Yens works in commision all the way from design to installation and develops technical, practical and possible solutions for artistic requests.


De foto’s van de montage van het aluminium paneel met leds zijn van een Yens & Yens project voor de kunsten


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The Johnny Raw Studio


The Johnny Raw Studio is owned by Rene Ahoud, a dedicated, experienced and practical perfectionistic – composer, producer, engineer with a background in engineering (theatre, live, studio and audio post), music (composer, producer. musician) and multimedia (engineering, recording and editing – image&sound.
Music & sound compositions with very specific features. Audio post production for cinema, documentary and tv.
 A great match for art projects or commercials. Facilitating recording of music and voice-tracks. Production & Promotion of music projects.

Superbly situated, great for production and promotion of appropriate music projects, audio post production for cinema, tv, a great match for art projects or commercials, original music compositions, excellent service at very competitive prices.


The Johnny Raw Studio has worked for:
Indiepend Films – Nieuw & Verbeterd – De Vrije Uitgevers – Milinda Uitgevers – Universal / Zomba – De Waag Society – David de Kock – SDU publishers – FOAM – Find my Publisher – Antenna Audio – UBI Soft – NOB – AVRO – VPRO – Eddy de Clerq – AT5 – Broadcasting Corporation Amsterdam – Hortus Botanicus – MultiMediaLab etc…



The core of Johnny Raw’s studio work lies in the synergy between image and sound. Music & Sound Design coming from the Johnny Raw Studio has very specific features. This quality makes it very well suited for image, storytelling, advertising and branding. Whether it concerns engineering, producing or composing, emphasis is put on the storytelling aspect. Being a great match for music & sound to image, art projects or commercials alike, it puts experience, perception, atmosphere and creating a sound-image first.


Johnny Raw’s music found its way to national radio and television, feature film, documentary, Universal library, fashion show, commercial, event park, pop outfits, museum, audiobook, audiotour, theatre, dance and performance. “….Obviously, since all these features and qualities come together in the sounds I love to create, I would love to explore new ways of organizing sound for you as well…”

Storytelling Music & Sound for Image, the Art and Advertising!
For the thrill of what comes next….


Music that supports storytelling is often very minimal and brings across emotion in an enticing way without being obtrusive. It offers room to breathe, is spacious and uses silence as an important ingredient. Sounds that are used are characteristic, well balanced and authentic. Predominantly, they address the unconscious. Emphasis is put on tone and atmosphere over traditional musical structure as it focuses on creating a mood through timbral qualities and specific ways of organising these sounds.


“And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time”
T.S. Eliot


“Ambient music must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting.”
Brian Eno


The Johnny Raw Studio

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Martijn Veldhoen studeerde aan de Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.
In 1991 begint hij te werken met video en zijn videoinstallaties zijn sindsdien te zien geweest op verschillende tentoonstellingen en screenings in de gehele wereld.


De projecten waar Veldhoen de laatste jaren aan heeft gewerkt, kunnen geïnterpreteerd worden als videoinstallaties, maar ook steeds meer als experimentele korte films. Hij werkt ook regelmatig aan monumentale kunstopdrachten; in 2012 realiseerde hij een tweetal opdrachten voor de gemeente Groningen.


Veldhoen werd 2x genomineerd voor een Gouden Kalf voor beste korte film tijdens het Film Festival in Utrecht en zijn werken kregen verschillende internationale prijzen op tentoonstellingen en festivals. In 2009 won hij de NPS GoShort award voor zijn korte film ‘RE-constructions’.


Zijn laatste project ‘Tijd en plaats, een gesprek met mijn moeder’ is een experimentele documentaire over tijd en plaats in het algemeen, en over zijn moeder en het familiehuis in het bijzonder. De film werd genomineerd voor verschillende prijzen en is inmiddels wereldwijd te zien geweest op verschillende filmfestivals.


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