The Johnny Raw Studio

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The core of the Johnny Raw Studio’s work lies in the synergy between image and sound. Be it for film, museum, music outfits; there’s always an imaginative aspect to it. The natural approach towards scoring to picture / image is partly motivated by a peculiar breed of autodidact and formal education knowledge. An eagerness to make storytelling music work without relying on the omnipresent cliche completes the picture.

We work on recording, engineering, mixing and producing of music and  sound for films, tv, documentaries, commercials, internet, events, music projects and the arts.

From sober and simply effective to cinematic….
The Johnny Raw Sudio’s music found its way to national radio and television, feature film, documentary, Universal library, fashion show, commercial, event park, pop outfits, museum, audiobook, audiotour, theatre, dance and performance.
It concerns both commissioned and and non-commissioned work.

Even though The sound palette ranges from minimal, electro-acoustic to alternative and cinematic music it could best be described as storytelling music.



Music, sound and audio post production for film, tv, documentary, commercials and the arts

Music composition and production

Production of multimedia content for web, rtv and event

Sound & vision art projects

Facilitating recording of music and voice-overs


The Johnny Raw Studio
De 1800 Roeden, Hal B – West 1.01


Katrin Korfman
Jens Pfeifer