Katrin Korfman

Visual Artist

Hal B Oost – Atelier 0.15
Owing to her background in photography, Katrin Korfmann’s work in various media – photo works, videos and installations – is concerned with concepts of framing, perspective, and the social dimensions of perception, such as the relationship between the observer and the observed.
An important determinant in her work is time, made visible through the presentation of different sequential incidents that have been registered within a given period and location, in one single spatial arrangement. The issue of responsibility for the existence of an image, the choice of the right moment and the framing that determines an image also play an important role in her work. Korfmann’s work may be characterised by a formal level of composition, structure and spatiotemporal experience, that is aimed at the registration and investigation of social constructions and behaviour in public space.
Livio Comba
The Johnny Raw Studio