Yens & Yens

electronic art


Yens & Yens is a multidisciplinary collective of designers, technicians, and artists specialized in the realization of large scale electronic light/sound/mechanical sculptures. We provide complete start to finish solutions from creative concept development and research to electronic and technical design, production and installation.

Since being founded in 1985 by Chris Heijens and Andries Oyens in Amsterdam, Yens & Yens has been active in a variety of artistic fields on own initiative and in assignment for other artists and organizations. With projects ranging from audio/visual performances, electronic music instrument design, advanced robotics, A.I., to indoor and outdoor light/sound sculptures integrated into natural and architectural environments. Our desire is to push the boundaries of what was thought possible, using cutting edge technology and techniques, to create a more interesting sensory experience for all.

Besides research Yens & Yens works in commision all the way from design to installation and develops technical, practical and possible solutions for artistic requests.

De foto’s van de montage van het aluminium paneel met leds zijn van een Yens & Yens project voor de kunstenares Marjan Laaper voor het nieuwe metrostation Vijzelgracht in Amsterdam.
De 1800 Roeden, Hal G – Oost

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Peter Baker & Annet Pallesen